Embossing Systems

When an embossed (raised letter) mark is needed, look to Automark. Automark has the solution to meet your needs, with a wide range of systems that can emboss on Dymo-tape, plastic, aluminum, cold rolled steel, and stainless steel material in a wide range of sizes. Tag size and thickness of material and your application is all we need to find the system that best suits your needs.

Strip Tag Systems

You will find our ST-880E has a wide range of marking possibilities. It is best suited for heavy-duty embossing of metal strips on brass, aluminum, stainless steel and cold-rolled steel. This model comes standard with a 1" radius cut and 1/8" holes for riveting, but has the option available for double-line horizontal, single-line horizontal and tongue and groove closures.

Companies that are suited for light-duty marking of aluminum adhesive-back or Dymo-tape coils use our ST-450. This model works with both high and low volume productions situations. This system is highly used in the boat manufacturing industry.

ST-880E Embossing System

ST-450 Embossing System

Industrial Systems

If your application requires pre-cut or manufactured tags Automark has the following choices. For the industrial tag industry, we have manual and fully automatic systems for metal plate marking, plastic card marking, military dog tag and military medical ID alert tags. Our systems are durable and long-lasting to meet your marking needs.

DC-890 Embossing System

DC-460 Embossing System

DC-450 Embossing System

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